DMC Seville (SVQ)

MYOCIO MICE has an expert knowledge of Seville and its surroundings. Because of that, we can provide a perfect service as DMC in Seville (SVQ airport), where we have our central offices.

The towns and cities on the shores of the Guadalquivir river are living testimony to its historic and cultural past. Seville, the emblematic city of universal renown, has been Arab, Jewish and Roman, and its river port have served as a privileged destination for trade with the West Indies. Its art and folklore make this an exceptional tourist destination.

The province of Seville is a mosaic of cultures whose roots are buried in the remote past. The great river basin of the Guadalquivir, the Sierra Morena mountains and the marshes of the Doñana Nature Reserve offer visitors a scenic map of extensive wetlands, and a sanctuary for a variety of birdlife; you can explore mountain paths among lush Mediterranean vegetation, contemplate the fighting bulls grazing in pastures dotted with ancient holm oaks, or lose yourself in gently sloping lands with inviting villages and monumental cities which are living testimony to a historic past of unparalleled splendour.

Game meats, pork products made from pigs raised in the mountain pastures, rice from the rice fields of the Guadalquivir marshes, and the fish and shellfish from the Andalusian coast comprise the ingredients of a varied gastronomy, which has its maximum expression in its “tapas”. The custom of visiting bars, taverns and «tascas» (typical watering holes) is widespread throughout the villages, towns and cities in the Sevillian geography.


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